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The gods aren’t that crazy, because on what was quite possibly the last nice day of the year, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah celebrated their changing of the guard on the roof of Ink 48 in New York City.

In my opinion it’s the best rooftop in Manhattan, so it makes sense that the best news team on earth would choose to have an outdoor event there on a balmy evening on October 22nd.

The party featured astounding views, great food, custom napkins and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah decals on the windows. It was truly a great event. The room was filled with many members of the production team, who all seemed to gleam with gratification, gladness, and glee as they greeted guests who popped up at their gala.

I had a nice conversation with producer Tim Greenberg about the direction of the show and how the entire team is finding their voice. Hopes and expectations are high and it’s clear that they have comedic gold on their hands. Just take a look at the Donald Trump is an African President bit to find out. Tim also told me he’s so excited he can’t wait to be a year into the show so we can truly see the team’s full potential.

Trevor enjoyed the night atop New York City by chatting with guests, taking selfies, and enjoying libations. Congratulations to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, it appears you guys have a bright future ahead of you.


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