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Seems like Blac Chyna and Future are going to put their names in the ring for best couple in hip-hop.

As you know by now, Chyna recently inked Future‘s name on her hand, all but confirming their relationship. According to TMZ, Future loves the ink, telling a source he sees it as “a very real, very permanent gesture of commitment.”

While that might be cool for them, most are curious as to what Chyna’s rapper baby daddy Tyga thinks about the body art. Well, actually, he doesn’t mind at all. Tyga has Kylie Jenner living with him, he has her name tatted on him, and he seems like he’s glad Chyna has moved on. Tyga is so cool with his baby’s mother dating the hottest rapper in the game, he’s even open to doing another song with Future.

The real question is: will we see Future pushing around King Cairo anytime soon? Considering the declaration he made on Twitter, that might not happen anytime soon:


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