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Contrary to popular belief, people are still able to come up with creative Halloween costumes that don’t offend an entire demographic.

Vine User Mo Khan is braver than most. He dressed up as Aladdin and draped a rug over a hoverboard, creating his own “magical carpet.” As any normal person would do, he floated around town, which included riding down a busy road, taking a quick stop to the grocery store, and hitting up the local McDonald’s (drive-thru of course) to probably take advantage of the all day breakfast deal. As promised, Aladdin will “show you the world.” This pretty much tops the reimagining of any Disney princess we’ve ever seen.

Check out Aladdin riding around (and presumably getting it) above, and see if you can top his costume. But it looks like Mo Khan may have already won Halloween this year.

SOURCE: Mashable |  VIDEO SOURCE: Vine