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For anyone who’s ever felt the urge to buy a scrotum backpack but was never able to cop one, you may soon have a chance.

Let’s first acknowledge the amazing name, Scrote’n’Tote: The Satchel of Life. If that wasn’t enough for you to get interested, than meet the man behind the…balls, Daniel Bitton. Last year, a picture of Daniel wearing his bag got some attention, which must’ve sparked the idea that the interesting accessory was a must-have.

Now, Daniel wants to raise $33,000 to get his testicular backpack business up and running, Mashable reports. As inappropriate as the bag may seem, it’s incredibly realistic. All praise goes to special effects artist C.J. Goldman for his expertise, but if Daniel goes that route, each bag would cost $1,000 to produce, which means the purchase price would be even crazier.

In jump-starting the campaign, he’s trying to find a cheaper way to manufacture the bags and is aiming for a $120 pricepoint. But anyone who backs the campaign will be able to purchase one for just $69. Ba dum tss.

For those with a preference, the bags will be available in ebony and ivory. Watch the hilarious pitch above and donate to the campaign here if you really want a “Gentlemen’s Satchel.”

SOURCE: Mashable, Twitter | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube