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The man, the myth, the Twitter legend that is Fabolous celebrates his 38th birthday today.

It’s hard to believe his hit song “Breathe” was over 10 years ago, but the rapper, born John David Jackson, has remained relevant ever since. He’s done so by infiltrating the millennial lexicon of equally ingenious and silly terms that are all over Twitter and Instagram. At this point, we can’t even say his name without spelling it out in our heads.

Here are five times social media inspired some of Fab’s catchiest rap moments.


No one is quite sure where the term “Lit” came from. Perhaps it was the SlowBucks’ “This Sh-t Is Lit” hit back in 2013, or it may have just been the evolution from “hot” to “fire.” No matter where a term originates, social media will have its way with it, molding the term into something as catchy as possible. But it only makes sense. What else would you call a situation that’s lit? Save yourself a syllable and mesh the two.


Weird relationships have been around forever, well, at least since Facebook created the “It’s Complicated” relationship option. But with the emergence of Twitter and $200 dates, everyone knows everyone’s business and walks of shame turn into DMs-you-sent-your-whole-timeline-by-accident. The term goes back as far 2006, according to the reliable source, Urban Dictionary. As Fabolous tends to do, he turned a pop culture reference into a hot song. Besides, friends with benefits is so… 2005?


Fabolous’ song “Cuffin’ Season” is littered with Internet gems, starting with Instagram. Instagram filters have allowed many women to prosper for whom it may be a little more difficult in real life. Once women caught wind of this, it became a sign of pride to not use a filter, or at least claim not to use one. Fab also took the time to address women getting paid to do hostings, and constantly being spotted at Dyckman hotspot La Marina. Fab even mentioned the emergence of Budweiser Limearita’s (which he claims is made for thots) and Cyn Santana’s obsession with Chipotle, which became a running joke on Twitter after her season of Love & Hip-Hop. The last line of the song, “Your captions be deep, but you shallow as a puddle,” explains so very much.

Instagram Deception

Hate to see a thick chick on Instagram (follow)/ And the chick show up looking like a Teddy Graham (unfollow)

As mentioned before, Instagram has led to deception-filled pictures, and this time Fab gets explicitly clear by what he means on Ty Dolla $ign’s “Type Of Sh-t I Hate.” In the age of social media, everyone has seen someone in public that looked different on the Internet – whether it be a person from Tinder, or a thirst-trapping Instagram model. Dudes are also definitely guilty of taking pictures to make things appear smaller….or bigger.

BBM Pose

Before we used Twitter and Instagram to waste time, there was BBM. With tons of group chats and status messages filled with lyrics, dare I say it was lit? Fabolous knew this and during the outro to “You Be Killin Em” he said, “Camera in the mirror, BBM Pose.” Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Blackberry in 2015 outside of email addicts and physical keyboard lovers, but the phrase has remained relevant. A quick search on Twitter yields women taking pictures in the mirror with their iPhones. We may have graduated to selfies, but the ability to get your entire outfit in a photo should never be taken for granted.


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