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American Idol is getting ready to bid farewell to its audience. For over a decade, the singing competition series has entertained millions with performances and funny auditions from aspiring singers.

For the final season’s promo video, Kanye West is seen walking into one of the auditions and taking the judges by surprise. Watch the promo clip above.

Taylor Swift is in hot water with New Zealand conservationists.

The pop singer and her film crew is receiving a lot of backlash for allegedly disrupting the natural habitat of the endangered dotterel bird while filming a music video. The conservationists are disappointed in Swift for not following proper protocol but, Taylor’s team says they did not violate any rules.

Like all of us, Future has his needs when it comes to snacks.

TMZ got the scoop on the Dirty Sprite 2 rapper’s touring needs, which include fresh white powdered doughnuts, chicken fingers, cheddar popcorn, and plenty more junk food. Check out a full list here.

Former child star Mary-Kate Olsen is off the market and the way she celebrated is unusual to some.

The actress and fashion designer recently married a French banker 20 years her senior and during the reception, she handed out cigarettes to the attendees. The reception was apparently decorated with “bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes, and everyone smoked the whole night.


SOURCE: TMZ, Billboard, Billboard | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty