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It looks like there is a new “it couple” in Hollywood, and it’s Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik.

Rumors have been swirling like crazy that these two are a pair following Gigi’s recent break-up with her last pop star stud, Joe Jonas. Now after a series of dates, innuendo and clues, Gigi and Zayn made it official while leaving LA hot spot Mr. Nice Guy hand in hand.

TMZ caught the new couple on video while leaving, proving their relationship with clear and convincing evidence. They could have went the rapper route: show up in different cars and leave through different entrances. You know it’s real when a couple hold hands while walking.

This is Gigi’s third pop star boyfriend, following a previous relationship with Cody Simpson before her stint with Jonas. She must really like musicians.

What do you think of Gigi and Zayn together?


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