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With less than 72 hours until his new album hits store shelves, Kid Cudi releases the LP’s title track “Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven.”

Teaming up with his longtime collaborator Plain Pat, Cudi delivers a guitar-riddled cut reminiscent of ’90s alternative rock.

“Oh when I crash, when I crash/ Or if I land, no matter the case/ I’m all smiles, I’m all smiles, I’m all smiles/ Give a f*ck what they say/ And I’m all smiles, I’m all smiles,” croons Cudi.

Although Cudi dropped a new song for his fans last night, he also dropped a small bomb on them, revealing he’s canceling his “Especial” tour.

But look on the bright side, at least Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven will be out on December 4.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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