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When discussing who had the best year in hip-hop, Future‘s got to be at the top of your list.

The codeine-crazed rapper recently reflected on 2015 with GQ while on a trip to NYC. His year started off with a few roadblocks, like calling off his engagement to Ciara and a lackluster second album. But something sparked with the release of his mixtape 56 Nights, and Dirty Sprite 2, which catapulted him into rap’s elite sphere. Then came What A Time To Be Alivewhich found Drake lost in Pluto; a rare feat as Drake’s influence usually supersedes whatever artist he’s working with.

Future acknowledges the success the collaborative tape achieved, but he’s already on to the next. In fact, the subject bores him nowadays. Aside from bragging about having to buy 5-10 of everything he cops to share the wealth with his family, he’s happy he can buy his sister the Rolex she wants for Christmas.

But he’s not complacent, he wants more: “That’s why you always gotta make a lot more money.” And the aura that follows him in a haze of weed smoke isn’t his everyday life. Some of it is calculated, he admits, “I try to look cool. I strategize. Sometimes it’s like—that’s part of the strategizing, to make it seem like I don’t think about it.”

Check out the rest of GQ’s interview with Future here.

SOURCE: GQ | PHOTO CREDIT: Epic Records, Twitter, Instagram

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