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Yesterday’s reported plan to get Bobby Shmurda bonded out of jail for $2 million has proved unsuccessful.

Bobby was in an NYC court early Thursday in hopes of being freed, but to no avail – the judge denied him yet again.

His bail arrangement was changed awhile ago, forcing his legal team to go back to square one and come up with another strategy. TMZ reports that during Bobby’s court appearance, he mouthed “I love you guys” after seeing a few family members. The site also reports his lawyers put together a plan that was supposed to be “bulletproof,” including his family putting up property as collateral to make up the $2 million total.

The rapper’s legal issues stem from a December 2014 arrest, where he and several other GS9 members were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and drug and gun possession.

He’s facing a sentence of 8-25 years; the trial is said to begin in February.


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