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When you’re a world-famous model like Gigi Hadid, you get booked for cool things like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. When that happens, you get used to millions of people seeing you in sexy lingerie. What Gigi didn’t expect was to be in underwear around her sister Bella Hadid‘s boyfriend The Weeknd.

Gigi, who has dated numerous pop stars – most recently Joe Jonas and Zayn Malik – joked about being almost naked around The Weeknd, one of the performers at the VS Fashion Show. Via Us Weekly:

“It’s a little weird walking past your sister’s boyfriend in lingerie,” the 20-year-old model joked during a pre-taped segment that aired between the catwalk portions of the show.

Thankfully, Gigi walked the runway during Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding’s performances – so the two weren’t exactly on stage at the same time. However, we’re sure The Weeknd was hanging out backstage with all the scantily clad models regardless.


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