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If you ask Jason Pierre-Paul, his fireworks accident hasn’t slowed him down one bit.

The Giants defensive end sat down with FOX Sports‘ Michael Strahan (and former Giants defensive end) to open up about his hand injury, and even admits that the jokes don’t bother him.

I’m in the public eye. I’m a celebrity and a football player,” he explains. “People have their say-so, say I’m stupid and this and that, but to be honest, it never pissed me off.”

Being as open as possible, Pierre-Paul gave a play-by-play on what happened on that now infamous July 4 night, saying, “So, normally on Fourth of July we have a lot of fireworks, cookout for the kids, music. They have certain firecrackers … The one I was holding, I thought it was a different one, but it wasn’t, and it just went off in my hand right away. I didn’t have time [to try to throw it]. I was throwing them all night, then I light the last one up and it blew off my hand.”

He also shot down the rumor that he wouldn’t let Giants personnel see him when they flew down to Florida, explaining that a series of transfers and his anesthesia led to a lack of communication – he wasn’t trying to hide anything.

As for how his accident will affect his flourishing NFL career? He’s not worried at all.

Look, hey, this is the same JPP. Missing fingers aren’t going to stop me from playing some ball. I’m only getting better from here. I’m excited,” he said.

Watch the rest of JPP’s interview with Giants Hall Of Famer Michael Strahan above.


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