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Psychological thriller The Forest – starring Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney – hits theaters today, and we got the scoop all about the film, which is based on a real “suicide forest” in Japan.

In the movie, Sara (played by Natalie) embarks on a quest to find her identical twin sister, who is lost in the forest. She gets help from a local named Aiden (Taylor Kinney). But then Sara’s mind starts playing tricks on her, and the audience can’t tell who is good, what’s bad, and what’s even real.

I sat down with Natalie, who talked about perfecting her face of fear and the many places she’s been able to travel for work. The Game of Thrones actress also showed off her sillier side: she even hit the dab.

Meanwhile, Taylor – also known as Lady Gaga’s fiancé – talks about his personal demons, as well as gives us some background on his character. Check out this episode of Extra Butter above.

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