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The death of legendary artisDavid Bowie stunned millions across the world. Now, it is learned that he left an estate worth $100 million. Half of the amount will go to his widow Iman and the home they both shared in New York. The remaining amount will be shared between his two children. [BBC News]

German tennis player Angelique Kerber shocked the public as she defeated Serena Williams during the Australian Open. Kerber pulled off a 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 win against Williams, making this her first Grand Slam title in her career. Congrats, Kerber! [The Guardian]

Facebook has decided to prohibit the private sales of guns on the website, as well as on Instagram. The social networking site already bans its users from selling marijuana and illegal drugs. Company reps said they will be updating their policy to include the banning of guns. [NY Times]