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Kanye was the talk of the town last week, and this week, he’s finally setting the record straight.

After his controversial rant against Wiz Khalifa, Kanye took a step back and apologized to the Pittsburgh rapper. The fabulous foursome (Kanye, Kim, Amber, and Wiz) then hashed out all the drama, which prompted Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose to take a selfie as an act of peace.

Kanye called Big Boy’s Neighborhood to clear the air regarding his disrespectful comments about “owning” Wiz and Amber’s kid. He also responded to Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” verse that claimed Drizzy’s pool is bigger than Kanye’s pool. As you can imagine, ‘Ye’s response is hilarious.

Take a listen to Kanye’s interview with Big Boy updated.


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