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Leave it to Kerry Washington to eloquently drop gems that everyone should hear.

The Scandal star graces the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s “Beyond Beautiful” issue along with Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, and Elizabeth Banks. In addition to the four-way serving of pure gorgeousness, the ladies sat down for a candid round-table discussion.

In the clip, Kerry explains that the experience of being Black in America is similar to that of being a woman, saying:

“It reminds me of this line that Shonda Rhimes wrote on our show that has really resonated with African-Americans. It’s this idea you have to be twice as good to get half of what they have. It’s something that most black people I talk, when they heard that line, it completely resonated with how they were raised and the messaged their parents gave them. ‘That’s just the truth.’ I think it’s the same for women. You just know, you have to be twice as good. In a way, until girls don’t have that feeling, we will not have done our jobs. That’s almost the point: to not feel the pressure to be extraordinary.”

She went on to express the hope that, although she enjoys celebrating girl power, the need for it will slow as women are treated equally.

“It will be so exciting when we don’t have to do this because we’re just equal players at the table,” she said.

The full round-table discussion will release on Friday, February 5. In the meantime, watch the ladies discuss the gender pay-gap in the video above.

SOURCE: TheYBF, EW | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram | VIDEO CREDIT: Entertainment Weekly

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