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Let’s face it: we were all tired of the countless wedding entrance songs, and clearly a UK bride’s sister who was given maid of honor duties felt the same way.

In an effort to spice things up, the maid of honor scrapped her traditional speech during the toast and decided to remix Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

My little sister is all about music. But I can’t sing. I really, really, really can’t sing. But what I can do, Hayley, is rap,” Rachel Winterbottom explains in the clip.

Rachel clearly has bars, as she spits lines like, “Dizzy, there’s nothing she can’t lose; keys, bag, phone — but never her booze.”

She even threw a playful shot at her new brother-in-law about how much time he spends in the gym.

Watch the hilarious clip above and check out the full lyrics in the description.


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