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Call it shameless album promo or a come-to-Jesus moment – either way, Kanye West is in need of some serious financial backing, and he ain’t too proud to ask.

In a stream of consciousness Twitter marathon last night, Kanye revealed that, on top of having $53 million in personal debt from creating The Life of Pablo and his Yeezy Season 3 collection, he believes Silicon Valley big wigs like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg should have a hand in helping his cause.

Mark Zuckerberg I know it’s your bday but can you please call me by 2mrw…” the “All Day” rapper posted. “I don’t have the resources to create what I really can.” ‘Ye then suggests that money being used to open schools in Africa could be better spent supporting his art.

Earlier on, Kanye also revealed he still feels some type of way that neither My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy nor Watch The Throne were nominated for best album, and he will not be attending the Grammy’s this year unless he’s up for the award. It should be noted that Kanye isn’t nominated.

So, that happened.


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