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This is a rap beef none of us wanted, but hey, it’s here.

Last week, Joey Bada$$ jabbed Troy Ave on his Statik Selektah-produced single “Ready.” The diss wasn’t a knockout, but the hit stung Troy.

On “Ready,” Joey rapped, “60k first week for the Badass/ 200k to this day I know you n*ggas mad/ With the 80/20 split my n*gga do the math/ My n*gga Kirk just outsold Troy Ave.”

Now, Troy Ave fires back on the Yankee-produced diss track titled “Bad Ass.” Responding to Joey’s album sales diss, Troy raps, “You sold a couple records but nobody cares/ You never on the radio cause nobody cares/ You don’t matter so you mad bruh, nobody cares /You just a Internet rapper, nobody cares.” 

For the most part, “Bad Ass” is a standard diss record, but Troy upped the ante when he dissed Joey’s deceased friend Capital Steez, who committed suicide back in 2012.

“Cause I’m a savage, this gon leave you sad bitch/ Don’t get suicidal like ya friend, here’s a casket/ Steez burning in Hell, my burner’s in my belt/ I’m really killing shit, you n*ggas killing yourself/ F*cking weirdos, off the roof, “Steer clear yo!”/ This n*ggas tryna fly, he think he a superhero/ Splat man! F*ck you and that man,” Troy raps.

Too far? Well, the answer depends on who you ask.

Take a listen to Troy’s controversial diss record below.

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