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Jas Prince wants the money he’s owed for discovering Drake, and he’s trying new methods to get it.

As we previously reported, the CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records has been trying to get the cut he’s owed directly from Cash Money Records. But now, he’s going after the middle man. According to TMZ, Prince is targeting Derrick Lawrence, who co-owns Aspire Music, the company Drizzy originally signed to in 2007 before Young Money.

In his lawsuit, Prince claims he has a very specific contract regarding his finder’s fee:

Young Money pays Aspire 1/3 of its Drake profits, then Aspire keeps 1/3, and gives the other two-thirds to Prince.

Prince feels like Aspire isn’t exhausting their best efforts to collect the money, since they haven’t been paid either. He also feels like they might have cut a side deal with YMCMB.

Sources connected to Prince’s company say they think something fishy’s going on at Aspire — that it’s possibly struck a side deal with Young Money, and cut JP out of the equation.

Lawrence tells us there’s no side deal, and Aspire’s received zero Drake profits from Young Money.

Hopefully someone will cut the check soon.


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