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Amber Rose held down the Interactive portion of the SXSW Festival in Austin yesterday with the official launch of her innovative new 3D character created by Zoobe, a leading character voice-messaging app. The new app will let you record messages as Amber Rose and share them with your friends.

Amber wore a sexy brown outfit that highlighted her curves as she addressed the crowd packed inside the venue enjoying drinks, Gourdough’s donuts, and music by DJ Duffey.

“If you’re a Rosebud, and you’re a fan of mine, then [my new character] is really cool because you’re able to say whatever you want and it comes out of my mouth,” Rose said. “It looks so realistic. I’m just excited to see what my fans are going to say and the cool videos they’re going to put out.”

Later Amber joked with the crowd, telling them no fingers in the booty jokes. If you want to make messages as Amber Rose, you can get her new app on iTunes and Google Play or Zoobe.

Be sure to check back to Global Grind for our full exclusive interview with Amber Rose.


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