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Reppin’ your favorite sports team is always a good look.

Mitchell & Ness, a company that makes tons of throwback sports items, released a list of their best-selling retro jerseys in 2015. And thanks to the state-by-state breakdown, we get an even better look at the general interest of each area of the country.

The player who copped number one in the most states is Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird, owning a total of five. Coming in second is Kobe Bryant‘s #8 jersey, taking the top spot in Hawaii, Oregon, Ohio, and of course, California. Don’t worry Cleveland fans, LeBron James doesn’t have a throwback jersey yet. So let the Black Mamba live (for the remainder of this season, at least).

None of the sales are too surprising, with the most popular jerseys in each state belonging to hometown heroes or franchise golden boys. Check out the map above to see the best-selling jersey in your state.

And can someone tell Fabolous it’s OK to pull out his legendary throwback collection now?

SOURCE: Mitchel & Ness | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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