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You have to hand it to Nike. They are constantly trying out new ways to market and create a unique product with their sneakers. Their newest experiment are the Nike KD Elite 8’s, which feature their own compression socks. Today, Kevin Durant was spotted wearing a knee high version of the “creamsicle” version of the 8’s.

The shoes stop at the ankle, but the compression portion stretches all the way up Durantula’s long and gangly legs. The photo was shared on twitter by Sneaker Reporter, taken while Kevin Durant was on the practice floor. Leo Chang, the creator of the KD 8’s, said he created the shoes to be a mimic of the same combination KD rocks on the court.

“The KD 8 Elite is conceptually designed to blur the lines between the shoe, sock and tight; seamlessly transitioning between each so you can’t differentiate where one begins and the other ends.”

Only time will tell to see if kids across America will flock to the stores to look like one of the best players in the NBA.


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