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Aubrey O’Day was made for reality television. The Dumb Blonde singer – who got her start on the show Making the Band – shocked the world when she announced her relationship with fellow reality star Pauly D.

Turns out the two met while filming a new reality show on E! called Famously Single. The program, which premieres on June 14, stars Aubrey O’Day, Pauly D, model Jessica White, Brandi Glanville, Willis McGahee, Somaya Reece, Calum Best and Josh Murray.

The show seems to have love in the air. In fact, Aubrey revealed of her flirtation with the Jersey Shore star: “We were really ‘first’ing it in the house. It shows the the first time we kissed, the first time we had sex.”

“They were filming us,” she continued. “There were cameras everywhere with night vision, so you can never get away from them. They weren’t disrespectful about it, it’s not like we were making a porn, but they had cameras in all of the rooms.”

Several of the other cast members told us they were all aware the couple was having sex; although some shared more details than others.

Somaya Reese said she knew everything that went on in the house, but wouldn’t snitch on Aubrey’s sex romp in the sheets with Pauly D. However, Brandi Glanville spilled all the beans. When I asked her if she knew, she gleefully replied, “Everyone did!”

“There was a blanket over them, but the boys were in the room together. It was a little weird, we were all going back and forth between the rooms and Jessica actually jumped in the bed with them while they were in the middle of it,” she laughed.

Aubrey also told me everyone in the house discussed their decision to have sex.

“It was a group conversation, because everything in the house was everyone’s business. So everyone assessed how quick it was, and what was too quick to sleep with someone. Everyone analyzed that to death and everyone had a different opinion. Then we went into group therapy as a couple and talked to the therapist about when we should have sex,” she said.

For her part, Aubrey said sex with Pauly D is “off the charts!” She’s finally in love and believes she and the DJ suffered from the same types of relationship problems in the past.

“Pauly and I have always rushed into getting heavy way too quickly, not just physically, but mentally. He always finds that he gets bored and doesn’t want to see them anymore after he has sex with them, and I always found that I’m in a two year relationship with them and waking up after two years like, ‘What the fuck did I ever see in this person who should have just been my friend?’ So we’ve had different outcomes of the same problem; we held out as long as we could.”

Oddly enough, we think these two make a perfect pair. Famously Single premieres June 14 on E!


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