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Playstation brings its classic video game Ratchet and Clank to the big screen using the voices of Bella Thorne, Rosario DawsonPaul Giamatti and voiceover god, James Arnold Taylor.

The animated movie doesn’t stray far from the video game in graphics and storyline. In it, the galaxy comes under the threat of a nefarious space captain, leaving a mechanic and his newfound robot ally to join an elite squad of combatants and help save the universe.

I chatted with Bella and James and decided to put a little twist on my interview. Since ratchet is a popular hip-hop slang term, I decided to get the dirty details on their most low-down moments. As it turns out, Bella is rather ratchet.

Watch the interview above and see Ratchet and Clank in theaters this Friday, April 29.

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