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At this point, the alleged storylines and drama behind Lemonade are almost as good as the album. Everyone who saw the visual movie and/or heard the album wondered if Beyonce was going to leave her husband. The album is essentially about infidelity and redemption, so many felt the intensely personal narrative driving the album had to be be about Jay-Z. As it turns out, that might not be the case.

“According to Page Six, “Becky” and the rest of the storyline was loosely based on real-life experiences and fiction by the couple together.”

The source says that Jay-Z was unfaithful before the birth of Blue Ivy, but he’s cleaned his act up and been a loving husband since. Another source, says the two collaborated to create a storyline they knew fans would eat up while also keeping their names buzzing.

“They’re marketing masters. They’re pros at this. The more attention, the more they sell, the better. All that speculation is to get press when they need it. LEMONADE is much deeper than infidelity, but that’s the focus. As long as people are talking, they don’t care.”

There’s three sides to every story. Person A’s side, person B’s side, and the truth. Also, everything written on the internet isn’t true. Still, that’d be a very creative way to keep people talking, as they haven’t stopped doing so since last Saturday.

SOURCE: Complex | PHOTO: Beyonce Album Cover

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