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Dear White People is going from the silver screen to the Netflix screen. The 2014 independent film that made waves for its satirical look at Ivy-League college from the black perspective will be getting its own series on Netflix. Justin Siemens reportedly wrote all ten episodes of the show and will produce the pilot. Justin also directed the film the series is based on.

“The film was a satirical take on students of color at a fictional PWI facing oppression and appropriation, and served as a breakout role for Tessa Thompson. (It’s currently unknown whether she, Teyonah Parris, or the rest of the film’s cast will be involved with the show.) The series is set to debut in 2017, just in time to roast a worst-case President Trump scenario.”

SOURCE: Vulture

Tyler Perry likes nice things. His opulently decorated home proved that much. The home contained an underground ballroom, a two-level car garage, a movie theater, a fitness center, and a unicorn ranch. Ok, maybe it didn’t include the last one. With that said, he grew tired of his lavish housing and put it on the market last June. The house sold today for $17.5 million. No word on where Tyler is going next but if it’s anything like his last house, someone needs to tap him for a feature on MTV: Cribs.


J. Cole, on “No Role Modelz,” rapped “my only regret was too young for Lisa Bonet / My only regret was too young for Nia Long / Now all I’m left with is h*es from reality shows / Gave her the script the b*tch probably couldn’t read a long.” The accuracy of that line has been destroyed thanks to Nia Long’s recent feature on Larry King.

Nia Long spoke with Larry about her stature in Hip-Hop and why rappers might find her so alluring. Larry then read her J. Cole’s lyric “too old for Nia Long” to which she responded “no he’s not. He just doesn’t know it.”

J. Cole was recently married to his long-term girlfriend last year.

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