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DJ Khaled got the opportunity of a lifetime when Beyoncé asked him to join her Formation World Tour and now the Snapchat King has a few words for “the biggest artist walking.”

Yesterday, Khaled posted two photos of himself and Bey, alongside a beautiful message that expressed how grateful he was for the incredible chance to grace her stage. In true Khaled fashion, he addressed “they” and shouted out “fan luv.”

“Dreams come true Don’t ever let ‘they’ tell you you can’t do it. They told me I would never tour. Well I just finished touring with the biggest artist walking the planet,” he wrote.

And if you thought the road to success was easy for Khaled, he assures us all, it was not.

“They told me I would never touch a stage in a high school arena. Well I just finished touching the stage in every stadium in every major city in America. Dreams come true. But you have to work hard, you gotta work very hard!!! In order to stand beside the icon @beyonce You gotto work hard for over 25 years and dedicate your blood sweat and tears to making your dreams a reality.”

Because of Khaled, tons of other great artists also got to perform on King Bey’s tour, including Lil Wayne, Wale, Future, and more. Read his full message above and stay tuned for his forthcoming album.


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