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Much like her soon-to-be sister in-law Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna has received a lot of backlash about her maternity style.

Rob Kardashian‘s fiancee had been scrutinized for her wardrobe before pregnancy, but since she announced that she was expecting, the world has been watching what she wears with a magnifying glass. But BC says she has changed up one major approach to how she dresses.

While attending Daily Mail‘s yacht party at Cannes, Chyna revealed, “I just want to keep my ass covered! Pregnancy is treating me really, really good right now. I can’t complain.”

Chy’s baby daddy Rob couldn’t make it to Cannes, but that didn’t stop her from gushing about her fiancé. “I feel like Rob is a genuinely loving person and he’s really supportive,” she explained. “He’s been really supportive of me and the people I’m around. I think he’s going to do good.”

Before she stepped away to enjoy the night with her BFF Amber Rose, Chyna spilled some details about her upcoming wedding and how it affects her son King Cairo. She told the Daily Mail, “I kind of want to keep him in the whole loop during my whole pregnancy and I had to explain to him about the ring and what the ring means and what the baby means to me and the family and that’s he’s going to be a big brother. He’s really excited about it.”

Ironically, while Chyna was away in Cannes, Kim posted a snap of herself and Khloe at Rob’s house enjoying some family time.

The pettiness ensues.

SOURCE: E! Online | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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