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Jay Z has 99 problems and his recordings are one.

Studio engineer Chauncey Mahan, who sued Jay Z over the masters for Life and Times of S. Carter and The Dynasty albums, believes he’s the rightful owner of the recordings and wants to get paid as much as possible.

Jay Z won the lawsuit against Mahan last year, but now the engineer is going after the police. According to the lawsuit docs, Mahan blames Jay’s attorneys for telling cops that the tapes were stolen property and part of an extortion plot.

He also blames L.A. cops for seizing the tapes from his storage facility — and cops in NY, where the recordings were actually made at Baseline StudiosTMZ reports.

Mahan wants all the money he can possibly get. According to the site, he’s suing the cities of NYC and L.A. for $50 million each, as well as: 

– LAPD $10 million

– NYPD $10 million

– Roc Nation lawyers $80 million

– Studio owner $20 million

That’s a total of $220 million. Good luck, buddy.


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