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What in the world is going on?

Young Thug has baby mama drama for days, and he aired it all out on social media yesterday in a series of unfiltered tweets.

It seems like the unnamed woman may have taken some shots at Thugger’s fatherhood skills. During his rant, the rapper calls her out on multiple counts of questionable parenting skills.

“The whole house smell like piss but I’m unfit ???” he says. “… My son chain broke and u put a safety pin on it but I’m unfit??”

But wait. There are more details behind the beef.

From Hip Hop DX:

“The mother reportedly sent the Atlanta rapper a warrant for child abandonment, which is criminal non-support misdemeanor in Georgia if someone does not provide adequate food, clothing or shelter for a child for 30 days. The penalties if found guilty of the crime include a $1,000 fine or a 12-month prison sentence. Thugger calls out the woman, saying that he pays plenty of child support.”

He’s still unhappy about that.

“I pay 4K a month for my 2 kids by u bum…. But u sent a letter to my house for a child abandonment warrant!!!” he tweeted.

Read more from Young Thug’s rant below.

Wonder if she got the memo.

SOURCE: Hip Hop DX, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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