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Charles Barkley has never been one to hold his tongue. Now, the former NBA star is getting his own talk show.

According to reports, the TNT basketball analyst will host a new show called The Race Card on the same network. A Turner press release states that the six one-hour episodes intend to follow Sir Charles as he digs deep into racism in America and helps shed light on why the country “is so divided right now.”

The release states:

“Barkley wants to bust up the echo chamber mentality that so often has people retreating to corners of the like-minded, where views are reinforced and ideas are distorted into angry, unexamined ‘groupthink’ conclusions. Each week, Barkley will take on the rapidly calcifying positions around today’s hot-button topics.”

TNT added, “Barkley will put ideas on their feet, with real-world proof-of-concept tests that will engage people and expose the truth behind their closely held beliefs.”

In reference to the recent police shootings in America, Barkley stated, “I always tell myself as a black man: ‘Am I part of the problem or part of the solution? If I’m out doing illegal stuff, stupid stuff, I’m part of the problem. If I’m helping young black kids go to college like I’m trying to do, if I’m giving money to causes to help young men, I know I’m part of the solution.”

TNT plans to air The Race Card in 2017.


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