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Now, this is surprising.

Considering the amount (six!) of children Young Thug has, we find it very hard to believe that he “doesn’t care for sex,” but that’s what he’s claiming in this new Vfiles interview.

Thugga and his girlfriend Jerrika Karlae stopped by 12 Mercer in New York City to discuss Young Thug’s new Jeffery project, and somehow the couple’s sex life became the topic of conversation. Jerrika revealed they didn’t have sex for the first six months of their relationship. “We put a lot into this [relationship]. We didn’t have sex either,” she said. 

“It was really six months. I was like what is wrong with this guy? He’s weird,” she continued. 

Young Thug responded, “I don’t care for sex.”

“Our first time of us doing grown stuff, she did it. She pulled me into the room like ‘come here’,” he explained.

Seems like Young Thug is a mixed bag of surprises. Watch the couple’s interesting interview above.

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