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Bobby Shmurda is a few steps closer to being a free man…unfortunately he has to serve a little bit more time behind bars.

The rapper was originally charged with conspiracy to commit murder, as well as several weapons and drug charges. He’s now finally decided to cop a plea deal. According to the deal, Shmurda will get seven years in prison and five years probation. Bobby has pled guilty to fourth-degree conspiracy, which carries a sentence of 1-3 years, and second-degree criminal weapons possession, which carries a sentence of seven years. The two will be allowed to run concurrently, hence the seven-year total.

A court insider revealed that Shmurda’s lawyer spoke with his client and fellow GS9 crew defendants, and pressed them to take the deal because they’d never get a sympathetic jury and were facing life in prison.

Under the terms of the deal, Shmurda will not be allowed to appeal. He will get credit for time served, nearly two years, leaving five years remaining on his sentence.


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