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On Tuesday, white actress Ellen Barkin turned to Twitter to ask for help understanding the controversy about Nate Parker‘s new movie The Birth Of A Nation and his 1999 rape acquittal.

Barkin, who currently stars in TNT’s Animal Kingdom, was clear that her questions was directed only at her non-white followers, writing “Please don’t offer suggestions if ur white like me.”

Twitter user @XLNB initially responded by asking Barkin to clarify her question. But he didn’t wait long for a response before quickly covering all the bases in explaining how Parker’s 1999 case presents a dilemma for many Black viewers, especially women.

@XLNB went on to explain to Barkin how many viewers are torn between supporting a film that challenges white supremacy and boycotting an artist who has violated rape culture. He closed his thread by linking to two pieces written by Black women, DelaFro_ and April Reign, that further deconstruct the issues of race and rape culture.

Barkin thanked him for his “stunningly concise, thoughtful & thought-provoking response” before re-tweeting his entire thread to her 139-thousand followers. The Birth Of A Nation is in theaters nation-wide Friday.

SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO: Getty