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Adrienne Bailon may want to take a long hard look at the ring on her finger before she decides to tie the knot with fiancé Israel Houghton.

We know their relationship started under scandalous circumstances — he reportedly left his wife of 20 years for The Real host, though she denies it — and now, it seems that Houghton has been ordered by the Texas state’s attorney general to pay child support for two children, Kingston, 4, and Khristian, 2, born while Houghton was still married to his previous wife of two decades, Meleasa Houghton.

The Texas State Attorney General’s Child Support Division sued the former megachurch preacher to force him to pay for the upkeep of the two children in the form of both back and current child support expenses.

While Houghton has readily admitted that he is the father of the older boy, the attorney general said the courts have yet to determine whether or not he actually is the younger boy’s father. Since the announcement of the suit, Houghton’s attorney has said that he has been financially supporting the two children since they were born.

Whether or not Houghton has been supporting these young boys is one thing, another question is whether Bailon is still confident in whether she can marry a man after so much has been revealed that he has a past of infidelity.

If a recent Instagram post is any indication, the two are doing just fine.

Looks like Adrienne is willing to let the past be the past.

SOURCE: Bossip | PHOTO: Getty