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Beyoncé tore up the stage at last night’s Country Music Awards, performing her Lemonade hit “Daddy Lessons” with the Dixie Chicks. There’s no doubt that the presence of Bey drew thousands — if not millions — of new viewers to the awards show, but apparently that means nothing when your core audience are a bunch of racists.
In a move taken straight from the Donald Trump Playbook, the chickens at the CMAs removed all signs of Beyoncé from their social media on Thursday, presumably to appease the bigots who took issue with a strong Black woman performing at their awards show.

The move is especially egregious considering how heavily the CMAs promoted Beyoncé’s appearance leading up to the show, and how much ass they must have kissed to get her to agree to appearing in the first place. Now that they got their ratings, they acting like they don’t even know the Queen.
Well, the BeyHive won’t stand for it, and is making Yoncé’s presence felt as only they can — by trolling the comments of every CMAs post on every social media platform where they exist:

Nice try, CMAs. We see exactly what you did there.

SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO: Getty