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21-year-old Camera Scott has been crowned the internet’s new #prisonbae. The alleged credit card scammer, who has been arrested multiple times in Florida, is setting social media on fire with her  flawless mugshot.

The young woman, who slightly favors Beyonce circa Destiny’s Child, was arrested in Ft. Meyers Florida back in February for possession of a counterfeited I.D. and credit card. Camera was arrested one month later for larceny and fraud. Despite the pending cases against her (which she can’t discuss publicly), Camera is taking advantage of her 15 minutes.

Black Sports Online did a Q&A with the social media beauty, who confirmed she’s employed a hair and makeup artist. Oh, and she’s single fellas!

Ladies – Camera has got some makeup tips in store for you. “In order to know about my highlight on my nose you’re going to have to keep up with me on social media and I may do a tutorial if asked to do one on Snapchat.”

You can follow Prison Bae on Twitter @ChinaaLeea, Instagram: @iamchinaleea and SC: Iamchinaleea

SOURCE: Black Sports Online | IMAGE SOURCE: Getty