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Lucas Holliday from Lansing, Michigan became an overnight superstar thanks the power of social media. The Dollar General cashier was recorded by one of his favorite customers, Nakia Robinson, belting out Maxwell‘s 1995 hit “Ascension.” The video, originally posted to Nakia’s Facebook page, garnered over 600,000 views and shares. After catching on to the video’s popularity, Maxwell made it his mission to get a hold of the singer – and thankfully he succeeded.

Two days after Maxwell tweeted out for help in locating this mystery singer, Holliday appeared as a guest on Good Morning America in light of his newfound viral success. Holliday was surprised by a pre-recorded message from Maxwell, inviting him to perform at his upcoming show in Detroit:

Holliday happily accepted the invite, and over this weekend the two performed Ascension together with Maxwell taking his post as a background singer and Holliday crushing it as the lead. It was definitely a moment to remember. Catch the footage below:

In an inspiring tweet following the magical on stage moment, Maxwell wrote “Luke lucas holliday; remember in the lowest times someone above is watching + preparing for your very best.” What a lovely reminder that dreams do come true!