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In honor of Fresh Kicks Day on Saturday, Dec. 10, Global Grind‘s very own BlogXilla sat down with Mouse Jones, Dustin Ross, and Chase from Sneaker Pawn to talk everything designer.

According to the kick enthusiasts, designer sneakers like Christian Louboutins and Giuseppes bring your sneaker game “to a whole new level.” When asked how they feel about breaking out their next level kicks, Ross replied, “There’s a time and place for everything. It’s based on style choices. I’ve seen people do praise and worship in Guiseppe sneakers.”

According to Chase, your sneaker game definitely says something about who you are. “For the most part, if you have on a pair of Margielas, I’m gonna be like ‘Aight. He know. He has a little bit of knowledge on what he’s doing,” Chase said, adding that because a lot of brands are overdone, “If you have on a pair of Raf Simons, I’m gonna respect you more.”

On the other hand, Mouse Jones doesn’t get too hype over designer kicks, telling the guys, “It’s a false sense of success.” People feel like, “Because I was able to afford this sneaker, it’s the best sneaker.”

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