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Tami Roman is going on the record once more to say she really regrets getting butt injections.

While visiting The Doctors earlier this month, the “Bonnet Chronicles” fashionista took a moment to say a few words about plastic surgery and more specifically, fake booties.

“I got the booty injections and I hate it. Not the butt lift – this is straight injections, straight in there,” Tami said of her own experience going under the knife. “I thought it would do some good. I thought I was plumping it, now I just wanna dump it.” “I don’t think women actually wanna do it,” she adds. “They think it’s cool, but I actually broke an elevator yesterday. I was stuck in an elevator at maximum capacity, 5 people…  it was me, my boyfriend, and my ass.” Check out the video above.

This isn’t the first time Tami warned people against fattening up their derrieres. Watch her get real on The Doctors above, plus her fake booty “Bonnet Chronicles” segment from Instagram below.

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