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Blac Chyna may have committed the ultimate scam according to two of her former managers who claim she stiffed them for millions after they helped her become famous.

According to TMZJason Alston and Lincoln Hayes of Infinite Grind Multimedia say they signed Blac Chyna back in June 2007 to a 10-year contract which made them her managers. They also claim that the deal called for her to fork over 50% of her earnings during that period.

Both Alston and Hayes say they discovered her when she was stripping in D.C. and were a huge part in helping her score covers on Black Men and Straight Stuntin magazines. Despite Chyna’s independent success following that time in her career, she’s reportedly still under the deal and they’re still her managers who want their piece of the Angela Kardashian pie. Although they have yet to file an actual lawsuit, Alston and Hayes claim Blac Chyna owes them at least $3 mil in unpaid fees; however they can’t pinpoint the exact amount because they believe she’s made deals without them.

If she doesn’t pay up by June, the former managers are threatening to sue.

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