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As reported earlier, Porsha Williams’ same-sex relationship accusations against Kandi Burruss came back to haunt her when she finally revealed that she offered oral sex to Burruss.

Now, Kandi is speaking up some more through her Bravo blog, urging Williams to be more honest about her history with women.  She writes:

“I was irritated with her. She used lies to deflect the truth and anger me. Porsha is a hypocrite and a liar. Bottom line is if you’re a woman that has hooked up with a girl before, don’t go around throwing “shade” at someone because they’ve done the same thing. I’m very transparent. I’m married. I love my husband. I’m not in the closet. I don’t have a sex dungeon. I’ve never had a seven year relationship with a woman. Porsha still hasn’t sent me the name or number of whoever this anonymous woman is. My husband doesn’t tell people his name is ‘Marvin’ to cheat. (People recognize him on the streets before they do me, so who would believe him if he had?)”

Phaedra Parks, who was originally quiet throughout all this, now seems to be pessimistic about reconciliation:

“It was painful and embarrassing to watch the exchange between Kandi and Porsha. It was reminiscent of my sit down with Kandi minus the blazing and continuous vulgarities. I know Porsha went to the meeting anticipating a peaceful resolution. While it is always aspirational to think people want resolution, many times unbridled anger and the desire to always win at any cost prevents peace from prevailing.”

Parks feelings are ironic, considering she’s the one who brought up the rumor that Burruss had a threesome with her husband and Williams’ “best friend” Shamea. What do you think of Park’s remarks?