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The Game sure knows how to hold a grudge. The 37-year-old rapper is solidifying his title as “rap beef king” with continued attacks at Meek Mill. This is the latest after the two revived their rivalry over Remy Ma’s “ShETHER” track. Meek Mill shared a video saying he would have sex with one of The Game’s baby’s mothers. The Game responded with a lengthy Instagram caption that happened to be diss verses.

In the caption, The Game iterates, ““I’ll smack the fuck out this n**ga for some Hennessy, tellin ya girl business to her mothaf**kin enemy,” reads one part of Game’s diss. “These days n***as is worse than bitches, say they got 40 glocks n then end up gettin stitches, I’m 6’5 250 pounds, it take 50 n***as off 2pac chest to knock ’em down, & when you in LA you be walkin’ on egg shells, but when I find you u gone catch my fade like you catch Ls.” You can see the full Instagram post below.

What an interesting outlet to take shots at your sworn enemy. Could a full-on track follow? The Game and Meek Mill have had a long history of beef starting with The Game believing Meek Mill accused him of being involved with Sean Kingston’s 2016 robbery.

One can hope the two will resolve their grievances in the near future, but it looks like things aren’t dying down anytime soon. You can watch Meek Mill announce his plan to have sex with The Games baby’s mother below: