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The faults of our criminal  and juvenile justice system are revealed once again. In Omaha, Nebraska, Antonia Lopez will not face jail time for killing her newborn baby.

Back in September, 16-year-old Lopez gave birth to a baby girl in her apartment. She tossed the baby out the window, then reportedly messaged her boyfriend on Snapchat saying, “It was a girl by the way.” When she admitted the crime to her mother, 911 was called, but the baby had already suffered blunt-force injuries and could not be saved. Lopez was only 26 weeks along when she gave birth so the baby was premature. She told police that she didn’t even know she was pregnant, believing she was just having her period.

Instead of jail time, Juvenile Court Judge Christopher Kelly ordered Lopez to be placed on probation and to take part in individual and family therapy. She also must live in a group home, delete her Facebook account and perform 50 hours of community service.

While Lopez was afforded the luxury of therapy and community service, many other Black and Brown youth are given far worse sentences for lesser crimes. Is White privilege showing its ugly head again?