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It looks like there’s more boy trouble on the horizon for Miss Kenya Moore.

The model-turned-Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star has reportedly filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan, citing stalking as her main issue. In her petition, Kenya claimed their problems began on May 31, 2016, just after a trip to Mexico where Jordan kicked a door in out of anger.

“Upon returning to Atlanta, … Respondent entered Petitioner’s residence unannounced and threw all of Petitioner’s items from her suitcase outside onto the driveway while cursing at Petition. Petitioner called 911 but Respondent fled before police arrived,” the restraining order request states according to

But this wasn’t the first time she’d seen her ex behave in this manner. “In August, as seen on the show, Jordan ‘broke a garage door glass window and the rear window of [Moore’s] vehicle and [Jordan] was seen on video spray painting some of the home security cameras.’ Two weeks later, a neighbor of Moore’s ‘called police because [Jordan] was throwing items at [Moore’s] house, breaking windows, while he was on the phone with [Moore] yelling at her,'” explains.

The petition also alleges Jordan called Kenya as many as 30 times a day between September 2016 and February 2017. After Kenya blocked his number, he allegedly started complaining on Instagram and then, according to the petition, “around March 20, Jordan told a friend of Moore’s that she was going to ‘get what she deserves’ and that he was going to ‘get’ her.” The document states she does, in fact, fear for her life.

Kenya requests that Jordan stay away from her and her family, as well as get the “appropriate psychiatric or psychological services.” After watching the show, do you think Matt Jordan has anger issues?

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