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Source: Patrick Smith / Getty

New video footage has emerged of Pacman Jones‘ recent arrest and his heated exchange with Cincinnati police.

TMZ reports that cops had responded to a call at Cincinnati’s Hyatt Hotel when a security guard claimed Pacman had gotten physical with him. When police arrived, Jones was reportedly very combative. The bodycam footage shows the officer saying to the NFL star, “You want to have a conversation? Have a conversation. Quit yelling like a little kid.”

Jones’ friend made matters worse by trying to talk to the officer — he asked to release the Bengals player because the arrest would hurt Pacman’s reputation leading up to a youth football camp. Officers ignored the plea and put Jones into a squad car, which set off his angry rant. He went ballistic on the arresting officer, wishing death upon him and yelling at him, “Suck my d***.” See below:

Pacman was charged with assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing police officers. He has pled not guilty and is due back in court May 16.