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Talib Kweli has never been one to hold back when it comes to politics. In a recent run-in with TMZ reporters, the Brooklyn rapper gave his thoughts on President Trump’s first 100 days in office. “The bar is set way lower for White people,” the rapper said.

Kweli continued, “Trump could be mediocre, he could even be a failure. Obama had to work so much more harder than everybody else. He had so many more obstacles in front of him than Donald Trump had and he still was called a monkey. He was still called a liar to his face by our Congressmen. Donald Trump lies everyday. Ain’t nobody calling him a liar to his face.”

Kweli then has a mic-dropping moment when he says Trump’s presidency is “America paying us back for a n*gga president” before him.

Well, that’s that.

Kweli isn’t scared to hold people accountable — even with fellow rappers like Kanye West, who met with Trump and even endorsed him. When the reporter asked Kweli if he would ever sit down with Trump to talk, he said, “Donald Trump would have to say and do a hell of a lot of things, he would have to make a lot of apologies before I would sit down with a man like that.”

Kweli finished off by saying, “You have to learn about marginalized communities. You have to learn about Jewish people, Muslims, women, Black people, gay people. People who are going to be further marginalized in Trump’s America. He should reach out to those communities and listen to those communities — instead of dictating to those communities.”  Well said, Talib! See the clip below.