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Law enforcement in North Carolina is not happy about what happened to police at a Raleigh restaurant.

On Friday, a member of the Raleigh Police Protective Association stopped by Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q on Jones Sausage Road. He vented on Facebook about his experience, “Thank you Smithfield’s Chicken & Barbeque Jones Sausage location for the class and professionalism as you sang ‘F the Police’ as my brothers at Raleigh Police Department attempted to eat at your restaurant. The manager sang along as well. Do you really feel that was appropriate?”

The post has since gone viral. Rick Armstrong of the RPPA said, “Police officers go out there every day and they risk their lives and to be treated with such disrespect is truly unfortunate.” He added that the employees should face

“suspension and/or including termination. He also added, “We will do a thorough investigation and terminate anyone employed that doesn’t share our respect of all law enforcement.”

David Harris, the owner of the Jones Sausage location, apologized to the officers on Facebook, promising “a thorough investigation” while also vowing to “terminate anyone employed that doesn’t share our RESPECT of ALL law enforcement.”  As you may recall, N.W.A’s “F*** The Police” was one of their biggest records, tackling police brutality and racial profiling. However, some critics argue the song incites violence against police officers.


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