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Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler’s new comedy The House hits theaters tomorrow and there’s only one thing that can distract the two stars from the hype — Beyoncé.

We interviewed Amy and Will in L.A., around the same time Beyoncé was rumored to be giving birth, and they almost freaked out when they thought they missed the arrival of the twins. “Do we know what hospital? Should we just go right there, right now?” Will asked. “I heard they built a hospital in their house,” Amy added.

We also sat down with Amy and Will to talk The House, a comedy about two parents who start an illegal casino to fund their daughter’s college education. Of course, mayhem ensues. As parents, Will and Amy could relate, “When you have little kids, it is a lot of lying to protect them physically,” Amy said.

Watch the video above and e sure to catch The House when it hits theaters tomorrow, June 30.